Friday, August 1

OOTD: Orange & Tartan

Dress - New Look Inspire
Handbag - Warehouse*

A bit of a late blog post tonight, as I got home from work later than normal. Apologies for the bad photograph, there was barely any natural light left when I got home, so it's a dark photo.

Today at work it was a busy Friday, but the shift flew past. Hopefully this weekend flies past too as I have a date night planned on Sunday night to see "Guardians of the Galaxy" and I cannot wait. I am such a big fan of Popcorn... haha. 

This week coming, I am planning on raiding my house for things to put up on eBay as I live in a flat that is starting to look like there is a hoarder living here. Especially in my wardrobe. I have always had a "thing" for jumpers and cardigans. It has gotten so bad that I the shelf that they are crammed in to toppled and fell down. How the hell does that happen? Well. I just explained why it happened, but you catch my drift. My obsession for knitwear is a bit extreme. Thankfully Autumn is just around the corner, so I can start pulling out my favourite knits. I am starting to feel sorry for them all cooped up in there.

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Thursday, July 31

Road Trip to Oban

On Monday I was sent on a 6 1/2 hour train journey to the lovely coastal town of Oban for work and let me tell you... it was beautiful. I was sent there with 3 other girls from my store to help the Oban store launch their new re-fit and I have to admit, I never thought that a (nearly) 13 hour shift would be really quite fun. For once, there was no customers so I could put 100% concentration into my job of merchandising the Accessories department.

The first day that we were there for was lovely. It was so sunny so we decided to enjoy the weather on the shorefront with a few drinks (the umbrella is blocking the sun out in this photo so it's not the best shot). It was perfection - even when we were being harassed by the wasps that were enjoying the leftover cider on the table beside us. 

I thought that the journey was going to kill me because it was quite a long time to be sitting down with barely any leg room, but it was so much fun. One of the girls that was with me in Oban had a treat for us and we decided to have it on our way home...

... not the baguettes, but the Prosecco. It was such a good train trip. Smiles all round I think!

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Friday, July 25

Grown Up

So. That's it. University os officially done. I have now gradated. What do I do now? Work I guess. And become a "grown up".

Most graduates celebrated their day by getting trashed with fellow classmates at the Grad. Ball or at a massive house party. For me, I drink some lovely champagne and had cheese fondue. Boring? A little. But because my mum was through for the weekend we decided to do something low key. As we ate fresh bread dunked in melted gooey cheese and sipped on champagne, we watched some awesome movies.

I have a rough idea what I want to do with my life, but at the moment I am loving my job so I don't feel the need to run way from it. At the time begin I am getting to VM (visual merchandise) quite a few departments in my store, and I just love doing it. Don't hate me, but I am so excited for the season to change. I am sick of feeling so hot and clammy, I want to wear cosy cardigans with amazing boots without feeling the need to melt!

The thing with the seasons changing is, I need to slowly change my wardrobe. Oh no.... I guess I have to go shopping. The trauma.

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