Friday, August 15

ASOS Curve Basket - August

Alice & You Denim Pinafore - £32

Bandeau Dress In Check - £25

Mansy Trouser In Check - £38

T-Shirt Dress In Botanical Floral Print - £35

Sequin Star Jumper - £35

It's not long until payday now, so like most girls, I am planning what I am blowing my money on as soon as it lands in my back account. 

I am looking for new clothes to take to Italy with me next month, and the pieces above are just some of them that I am eyeing up to pack away in my suitcase. I love the idea of have simple/classic pieces in my wardrobe, but I am not scared of having a bold print or colour mixed in with it too. I love the idea of having a denim pinafore, and I think that the way in which the model has been styled for this piece is perfect. It looks young, trendy and (if I am going to use this word, it might as well be here) cool. 

The bandeau dress is something a bit different for me. I do not like strapless - I just don't suit them. But the print and shape of this dress is really making me think twice. I think this will be perfect whilst in Italy for when we go out for dinner, or even a nice stroll around the markets. When it comes to print though, Check is at the top of my current "LOVE" list. I am in desperate need of anything that has a check print. Hence why the trousers have made it into this list. They look so smart. This style of trouser will work really well in my current wardrobe, and they will also be great for all seasons - depending on the thickness of the fabric I guess. Don't want to be wearing thick woven trousers in the height of Summer!

I fell in love with the Botanical dress as soon as it popped up on the page - probably because I am obsessed with the study of Botany. So obsessed that I even based my Honours Degree project research around it. I am a huge fan of a T-Shirt dress, although sometimes I feel the need to go up a size (or two) just to avoid the shape of the dress clinging on to my hips.

And last but not least, the jumper. I have probably told you this a hundred-and-one times, but I am a sucker for knitwear and sweaters. I have about 8 grey sweaters similar to the one pictured above. Don't worry, they aren't the same sweater. They all have a different print on them and then I have a plain one. This one in particular needs to strut itself straight into my wardrobe and it is a bit too pretty. I love those large sequin stars. Just makes it a little more glam.

Now. I must go because I should be doing some housework or something productive... like filling my online basket with more pretty things!

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Monday, August 11

August Wish List

Kenzo - Eye Scarf
Tatty Devine - Popcorn Box Necklace £21
TOPSHOP - Missile Chelsea Boots £80
Marc by Marc Jacobs - I Heart MJ Sweater $198
Vivienne Westwood - Polka Dot Backback £500

So far, I have fallen in love with many many things. And of course, when a girl falls in love with something she will bitch and moan until she gets it. This month I have a wish list the length of my leg, so I decided to just choose my top 5 items. 

I am in love with the green chelsea boots - I think everyone needs a good pair of Chelsea boots in their shoe collection, especially if they are this beautiful! As for the Vivienne Westwood backpack... I cannot stop thinking about it. It is so simple and beautiful. It will be so easy to wear with pretty much anything, and I love handbags that can transition easy into any look. 

When it comes to accessorising, scarves and necklaces are my two favourite items. I fell for the Kenzo scarf when I seen another blogger wearing it in her OOTD post and as for the Popcorn Box necklace from Tatty Devine... well. Who DOESN'T want that on their Wish List? It is so charming, so cute and Popcorn is one of my favourite treats - Especially when you mix salt 'n' sweet together. 

So. The question is... who's going to buy all of this for me?

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Wednesday, August 6

Escape to Italy

This Summer I am escaping Scotland and running away to Italy... for 2 weeks. I cannot wait. One of my favourite things about going on holiday is, doing all the researching. I get it from my Granddad. I create a folder full of print outs, flag the most relevant pages and I also use Google maps and their pins to create a wee itinerary. 

I know that you are probably thinking that people who make itinerary's are boring, but I love planning my trips so that I can make the most of my time there. I will be going with Ewan and some of his family, so it will be fun doing stuff as a family, but then we can escape to do stuff that interests us specifically. 

One thing that I cannot wait to do is eat my body weight in Pizza and Pasta, then have to be forced by air stewards to buy a second seat for myself on the way back because I would of doubled in size. Yep. Bring on the carbs!

If there is any places, and I mean ANY, that I MUST MUST MUST see, then you HAVE to let me know! Especially if there is any vintage stores or markets that I have to visit! I want to know about it.

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