Sunday, January 13

OOTD: Purple Sunday

Dress - New Look Inspire
Scarf - ZARA
Necklace - New Look
Today was just another day at the office - or in my case the store - and I just couldn't wait to come home and put my feet up. So now I am sitting wrapped up in my duvet watching Season 3 of Will & I have JUST realised that I forgo tot make a cup of tea! What is WRONG with me!!??

Yesterday I nipped over to Ewan's step-grannies house to collect a few things from her attic that she thought I might like. I cam home with heaps of crafty design stuff. A tailors mannequin, boxes and boxes of fabric, dozens of vintage dress patterns and an over locker machine (something that I have been saving up for!). There was also a couple of beautiful vintage handbags amongst it all. So I was very happy!

Anyway, I have a magazine stack to work through, Will & Grace to watch and there is a cupcake in the kitchen calling my name...

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