Wednesday, December 4

OOTD: Jewels

Coat - New Look Inspire
Scarf - Saunt & Sinner
T-Shirt - Ebay
Skirt - New Look Inspite
It has been a while since I did an OOTD blog post and because I have finished my Dissertation for Uni, I thought I would treat all you lucky readers to a blog post - just incase you need to procrastinate from your work! The first photo was an accident, but I love how creepy it looks, so I thought that I would put it up anyway. 

Coats are my new obsession. I have a few vintage inspired coats in my wardrobe now, and this rich purple coat is my current favourite - but in a few days I might switch to my camel coloured one. In October I thought that I would treat myself to the beautiful scarf from Saunt & Sinner, the colour is just so beautiful and I am in absolute love with it!

I haven't been shopping in so long, so I feel like my wardrobe is just boring. In the New Year I plan on going crazy though because I am going to New York in March and I cannot wait!! My life has bee swallowed up by my university life, but hopefully I will be getting my blogging life back now. I have so many ideas in store for my blog, let's see if I actually get round to doing it! haha!

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